Building a Cathedral

If you visit Europe (or many parts of Asia), one of the things that will immediately stand out to the “average” American, is the intense, almost overpowering assault of history. Cities such as Paris or Prague (that weren’t leveled by the savages of war) with their architectural glories built over hundreds of years is at […]

So it’s time to upgrade your Voice Over studio and equipment

You’ve reached the point where you’ve made a few bucks in VO and you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s finally time to lay down some cash and upgrade your studio. Where to start? What are some good decisions when it comes to upgrading your equipment and Voice Over studio? After many decades dealing with […]

Put me in coach

What’s the old saying, “Those who can’t do teach.” This may or may not be true in the ever fragmenting world of voice over and voice acting, but it sure seems like a lot of voice over artists are mining for gold in the brave new world of voice over coaching. A few months ago […]

Why the hell do you want a headshot?

So as a Voice Over talent, you’re seeking some new or possibly your first agency representation. You’ve got all the agents you want to submit your demo(s) to lined up and there it is, Bam!, they want a headshot. But hey, you’re hiring me for my voice, not my looks. You say to yourself, self, […]

ProTools Tips and Tricks for Voice Over

Here are some basic tips and tricks for using Pro Tools for Voice Over and Voice Acting. I’ve included quite a bit of info in the video including using the smart tool, removing breaths and more.  

Connect to John Ford Voice Over Artist using ipDTL

ipDTL is the bomb! It’s quickly replacing ISDN as the go-to tool of choice for Voice Over artists and producers. The whole shebang runs in Google Chrome and requires no additional software or plugins or installs. If you have Google Chrome, you can use ipDTL. ipDTL also allows connections to traditional ISDN. ipDTL enables the […]